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Hindu Festivals of India | Celebrations of Cultural Heritage

There are four types of Indian Festivals celebrated as per Mythology:

  • Nityautsava (Daily celebrations performed in temples to please the Lordships in form of Ashtayam or Nitya Sewa.)
  • Varshotsava (Annual festivities perfomed in all temples that occur on fixed astrological dates and timings yearly.)
  • Maha-Mahotsava (Grand Festivals celebrations performed with huge pomp grandeur and spectacular offerings to Divine.)
  • Personal Manorathas (Devotees execute when their cherished desires, such as marriage, birth of child, promotion etc.)

On each of these Ritual occasions various elaborate arrangements are initiated. Feasts are arranged and prepared; different sorts of decorations (Sringaar) are designed and executed, such as the personal decoration of Sriji, the decorations of the "Jagamohana" (the raised platform outside the sanctum or "Garbh graha" on which Sriji is often seated in a special throne during the festival)."Ensemble" or "Samaj" appropriate to the occasion is performed in the courtyard of the temple itself. A ritual calendar-"Almanac" or "Panchang" is prepared, fixing the year's celebrations of festival in their appropriate places during the two fortnights of each lunar month, annually according to the Science of Astronomy .Thus, the unusual events are regulated, and the devotees know all the ritual celebrations well in advance; to plan their year accordingly.


Mahaprabhu Birth Celebration


The chappan bhog festival

Gulab Dol

Lord enshrined in roses

Sanjhi Festival

Creating Raas Lilas through colors


Birth Celebration Of Sri Radha Rani


Festival of Lamps

Phool Bangla

Lord enshrined in Floral Arcades

Khichadi Festival

Chadam Vesh Darshan


Festival of Colours

Hindora Jhula Utsav

Festival of colourful swings

Basant Festival

Festival drench in season of spring

Vyahulla Festival

Marrige Ceremony Of Lord Radhavallabhji

Janmashtami Festival

Birth Celebration of Sri Krishna


Birth Celebration of Vrindavan

Sharad Poornima

Celebration of majestic MahaRas lila

Purushottam Maas

Special Darshans month in every 3 years