Gokul & Nandgaon -The Land Of Divine Sri Krishna

Gokul and Nangaon are the places where Lord Sri Krishna spent His childhood, grazed the cows and the home town of Nandbaba the foster father of Sri Krishna.

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Gokul & Nandgaon Geographic Features:-

  • Gokul and Nangaon are the divine places where Lord Sri Krishna spent His innocent childhood and the home town of Nandbaba the foster father of Sri Krishna. Situated in the laps of hill south east and north east to Mathura these are piligrimage sites in moderen age India.


  • Situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh; Gokul is around 15 km south east of Mathura and Nandgaon is 51 km north east of Mathura. It is well connected by means of road.


  • Gokul & Nandgaon experiences an extreme climate. The maximum temperature during the summer reaches a high of around 45°C and winters can reach a low of 4°C. Torrential rains come across in the month of July and continue till September. October-March is the appreciated period to visit Gokul & Nandgaon.


  • Most of Sri Krishna's childhood was spent here in Gokul and Nangaon where He grazed cows, subdued Kaaliya Naag and slayed demons like Putna. Sri Krishna was brought to Nandbaba in Gokul from Mathura in secracy of Divine enlightment to King Vasudeva by crossing the river Yamuna. In the pastures of Gokul and Nandgaon Sri Krishna performed divine Lilas with His Sakhas.

    Gokul Temple

    Nandgaon Temple

  • Any occasion or event in Gokul and Nangaon is a time to rejoice and enchant the name of God. The devotion involved in the celebrations take a devotee from this physical world to the heavenly domicile. Janmashtami in the months of July/August is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna, Annakut and Trinavat Mela in October/November is also celebrated with great pompous.


  • By Air:

  • There are two air route destinations in order to reach Gokul and Nangaon easily. One is the Agra airport which is approximately 58 km away from Mathura hence forth a vehicle by road is to be taken for traveling. Second is the international airport at Delhi, which is connected to almost every important city in the world with major airlines and is around 145km away from Mathura hence forth a vehicle by road is to be taken for traveling.

  • By Rail :

  • Mathura on the Delhi-Chennai and Delhi-Mumbai main line is the main railway station near Gokul and Nangaon.

  • By Road:

  • Gokul and Nangaon bears a direct road link from Mathura; Various tourist vehicles, taxis and mini buses are also available for a trip to this town.

  • Places and Religious Locations of Gokul & Nandgaon:

  • Nand Raj and Madan Gopal Temple, Nangaon- Situated on top of a hillock this temple is dedicated to Sri Krishna's father Nandbaba constructed by Raja Roop Singh.

    Udhavji Ki Kyari, Nandgaon- A grove of Kadamba trees on outskirts of Nandgaon.

    Raman Reti, Gokul- A place where people pray for blessings from Lord Krishna by rolling themselves in sand.

    Mahavan or Mahaban- 4 km. from Gokul, famous for its Mathuranath Temple.

    Baldeo -9km from Mahavan it has the prime attraction of Baldeo Dauji Temple in the center of the town.

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