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Destiny can’t be answered with only satisfaction, Destiny can’t be solved by only meditation, Destiny can’t be achieved by only motivation, Destiny can’t be spelt by worldly temptations, Destiny means morphing life into Sri Krishna’s realization. By #KhussmitaJain Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual Portal

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Whats Inside- Highlights!!! Whats inside

  • Dress your Divine as you desire!

    One cannot define his or her love for divine by words only true one's service and love becomes the language to become one with divine. Every devotee wishes to decorate their love for RadhaKrishna with beautiful dresses, accessories, offerings and hymns. Everyone is not able to reach Vrindavan thus we decided to bring Vrindavan to them through its work with exclusive designs with intricate embroidered deity dresses of Sri Radha Krishna, Gaur Nitai, Lord Jagannath, Lord Ram Darbaar, Lord Ladoogopal, Lord Krishna Balraam, Goddess Devi Mata, Gauranga, Lord Ganesh, Lord Vishnu, Tulsi and others. Deity dress, curtains, back graph and several other collections for summer, winter and auspicious occasions.

    Divine who made love superior to power!

    Sri Krishna the supreme divine of this universe and Radha his soul. The land of Vrindavan, the true witness today sings Radha Krishna's love. The devotees all over the world come to auspicious land to explore this devotional place where one can feel RadhaKrishna's presence in every corner. You call him, pray him, serve him by in any form Hari, Murari, Damodar, Krishna, Kanha he promises love and care in his glance. He became Makhanchor for gopis and Ranchor for enemies. Discover the combination of power and love.

  • Crown Divine with colors!

    Decorating our lord is a lovable experience that cannot be defined in words. Whenever we visit temples around the world we see RadhaKrishna adorning beautiful crowns, dresses, jewellery, flutes and many more accessories. Crowns embark an exotic look and are essential part of Radha Krishna sringaar. The crowns of Krishna are known as mukut and crowns adorn by Radha are known as chandrika. Thus we have followed this concept and highlighted this panorama in our sringaar creations.

    Sri Radha the incarnation of love!

    The sacred land of Vrindavan hums the exotic and devotional love of Radha and Krishna. The Radhavallabh temple is the oldest and exclusive temple which depicts the superiority and the transcendental love of RadhaKrishna. It’s believed in Vrindavan if Krishna is divine his soul is Radha. The banks of river Yamuna seems to be depict that love. Devotees around the world wander on these banks in gardens, in temples meet various saints to experience that legend which is unseen by eyes but seen by soul. No Vedic scripture or epic can define Sri Radha thus we have tried to tell how Vrindavan feels, live and rooted to Sri Radha and Krishna and how two supreme divines are one. Explore Radha who is mysterious in words, magical in beauty, innocent in Lilas and yet reigns the heart of Krishna to whom the trinity bows.

  • Enhance the beauty of devotion.

    Adorn beautiful jewelry,accesories and flutes to make your deity look more attractive and sweet.The accesories are mostly made of metal and wood.

    How sweet can be the bond of Devotion and Braj!

    See, read and feel how Krishna got the name Goverdhan Girdhari. The Magnificant Lila even depicts how a divne breaks ego of his devotees and protect them at the same time.

  • Devotion, music and us!!

    Music and divine bond in beautiful manner.Where words become love,rhythm becomes tears and tunes its vibrations.Every devotee dances and chants RadhaKrishna's name and that becomes an exotic experience that can't be defined in words. Various musical intruments that can be played in the honour of His Holiness which helps to tranlates your love into musical notes. Vivid devotional
    accesories and clothing for men,
    women and kids bring out the
    inclination towards Divine.

    How one worship's Sri Radhavallabh lal!

    Explore the oldest temple of Vrindavan Sri Radhavallabh mandir. This temple has a great legend a blend of Hindu religion and Persian architecture. The literature of the temple are the couplets and hymns written in honour of lord by Sri Hith Harivansh mahaprabhu his disciples and various other devotees those ancient scriptures are yet been stored till today hiding deep meanings and devotion. Every temple has some rules and concept or panorama which they follow to serve divine which depicts its culture this gives an exotic flavour to devotion. Ashtyam seva the daily service done in honour of divine is totally mystical and exclusive to read. Calendar or the panchang of festivals makes it unique in time. View vivid darshans in Utsav galleries.

  • Decorating your home altar!!

    The altars behind divine are exclusive; every back graph has beautiful embroidery some are even painted with sceneries as if all the beauty of nature has been brought alive into one canvas. Those curtains when they move before our eyes you feel that exotic flow increasing our wish to see our deities more. We sigh in some corner if we had such spacious place then we could have decorated our deities in same manner. To bring this experience and feeling to our homes and temples we have crafted special hand crafted crowns, turbans and inserts for different deities customized in sizes and colours that suit your need.Different kind of thrones/swings/bed and tables for your deities.We understand the importance of prayers thus we have taken care of the need of small puja items.Home the special place of our hearts decorate it with blessings of Divine with door hangings and holy furnishings.

    Why Vrindavan worships cows!

    Sri Krishna has created many creatures of different size, shapes and appearances. Divine loves all the living things residing on this earth. In this human birth Krishna depicted the beauty of love one should have for all creatures respect and bonding of relation of humans and other lively beings. Cows are known as 'Kamdhenu Mata'- Goddess who gift desires. This Lila marks the importance of bond shared between Krishna got the name of Govind and how he became the protector of cows. This article even explains why Vrindavan gives importance to Gauseva and Goshalas. We can see in Vrindavan how every person there care and devote themselves to cows as goddess. This legacy has been coming down ages and one who is bestowed with this care and love become a great human being at the same time is blessed by Krishna.

  • Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra!!

    In today’s busy and hectic life one is not able to experience the beauty of divine and pilgrimage. Devotion is the most sacred emotion blessed to people on this earth. To enjoy and feel the divinity present on this earth one should become travel the exotic journey of Vrindavan and the adjoining religious places dedicated to RadhaKrishna, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva etc. It is believed Krishna had brought all the holy places of India within Vrindavan and holy places around to fulfil Sri NandBaba wish to do pilgrimage. The Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra (i.e. 84 Kos. = 252 km) pilgrimage comprises Vrindavan, with its 12 vanas(forests),24 upvanas (groves), the sacred hill Govardhan, the divine River Yamuna and numerous holy places along its banks.

    Places in and around Vrindavan!

    Every place which is associated to divine becomes sacred like every piece that touches touchstone becomes gold.Devotees wish to associate,feel and expienrince divinity of every place sprinkeled with love of Radhakrishna. Radhavallabh temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Radhavallabh and there are various other temples in and around Vrindavan that even hum Sri Radha and Krishna's love thus to tell our freinds about these wonderful places we have written this article.There are various sacred places around Vrindavan and various other holy destinations associated with Radha Krishna and Sri Radhavallabh Temple.These sacred places have high significance with Lila's of RadhaKrishna and Sri Hith Harivansh.


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