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Literature Works: Scriptures of Radhavallabh Temple

Scriptures of Radhavallabh temple

Exotic Scriptures of the Radhavallabh Sampradaya

Srhi Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu was an unparallel author of four exquisite and literary works:
"Radha Sudha Nidhi"-Radha's Delights, 270 Sanskrit couplets.
"Hith Chaturasi"- 84 Stanzas in Hindi based on Prema Bhakti.
"Yamunashtak"- Verse of eight couplets in Braj in the praise of Yamuna.
"Sphut Vani" - Miscellaneous festival and seasonal couplets.

Radha Sudha Nidhi:

"Radha Sudha Nidhi"-Radha's Delights, 270 Sanskrit couplets the most essential and utmost scripture hides the essence of RadhaKrishna's bhakti. The greatness of Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu's works depends on the fusion of natural phenomenon with the greatest of Divines Radha and Krishna and their emotional reactions to love; Greatness of Shri Radha supremacy is few couplets from Radha Sudha Nidhi.

Shri Radha Sudha Nidhi

Translation of some Radha Sudha Nidhi couplets in English:

"Yasyāh Kadāpi Vasanājhclakhēlanōttha
Dhanyātidhanyapavanēna Krtārthamānī |
Yōgīndrdurgamagati mradhusūdanōapi
Tasyānamōstu vrshbhānubhuvō diśēapi ||1||"

Sri Krishna known as Madhusudhan is charmed to the highest extent on seeing Sri Radha's ascetics that he feels himself blessed even with the touch of the wind that is generated by the movement of the chunari of Sri Vrishbhanunadani(Sri Radha).So,I respectfully bow even to the direction graced by Her presence.

Rādhāpadāñkavisanmadhursthalīkē |
Rādhāvihārvipinē Ramatāń Manō Mē ||13||

Our minds may dwell in the holy place where creepers are blessed by the holy touch of hands of Sri Radha the earth which has the imprints of Sri Radha's holy feet.The holy place crowded with love-infatuated birds Singing Her (Radha’s) glory !

Yatrayatra Mama Janma Kamrmabhirnarakētha Paramē Padētha Vā |
Rādhikāratinikuñjamaṇḍalī Tatra Tatra Hrdi Mē Virājatāḿ ||267||
Wherever I may be born As a result of my actions- Either in hell or in the heaven- Let the love-groves of Shri Radha, Shine in my heart.

Shri Hith Chaturasiji

Hith Chaturasi!:-

Another collection, "Hith Chaturasi", authored by Sri Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu in Hindi, is much more popular, and most of the followers of Radhavallabh sect know at least some of its stanzas by heart.
Here we subjoin the text sampling three couplets from "Hit Chaturasi":
1- "Shri Radha and Mohan are such a dainty pair, Shri Krishna dark and beautiful as the blue sapphire, Shri Radha with body of golden luster; Hari with a 'tilak' on his broad forehead and the Fair with a 'roli' streak amidst tresses of her hair; the Lord like a stately elephant in gait and the daughter of Vrishabhanu like an elephant queen; the Damsel in a blue vesture and Mohan in yellow with a red'khaur' on His foe head; Rejoice Sri Hit Harivansh! Radha's amorous Lord is dyed deep with love's colors."
2- "The pavilion is a bright and charming spot; Radha and Hari are in glistening attire and the full-orbed autumnal moon is resplendent in the heaven. The dark-hued swain and nymph of golden sheen, as they toy together, show like lightning's flash and somber cloud. In saffron vesture He and She in scarlet; their affection deep beyond compare; and the air, cool, soft and laden with perfumes. Their couch is made of softest leaves and blossoms and He woos her in dulcet tones, while coyly the fair one repulses His every advance. Love tortures Mohan's soul, as He touches The waistband, or wreath, and timorously she cries' off'. See Harahan, pleasant is the sporting of the glorious Lord, close-locked in oft repeating embrace, and like an earth reviving river is the flood of His passion."

Sri Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu recited these couplet to Narvahan, his first disciple at Vrindavan, who was a local chieftain but his life was reformed soon he met Sri Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu. It is an un-parallel gesture on the part of Guru (Preacher) that he as author of devotional couplets blesses his disciple with his two couplets praising the Divine glory.
This couplet (as translated) is:
3- "Come Radha; your paragon of lovers have started to dance on the bank of the Yamuna's stream. Enjoying every moment unaware of their belongings; the joyous pipe gives forth a stirring sound. Near the Vanshi Bat, a sweetly pretty spot, where the spicy air breathes with delicious softness, where the half-opened jasmine fills the world with over-powering fragrance, beneath the clear radiance of the autumnal moon, the milkmaids with ruptured eyes are gazing on your glorious Lord, see Narvahan, all beautiful from head to foot, quick to remove love's every pain. But your arms about His neck, fair Dame, pride of the world, and lapped in the bosom of the Ocean of delight, seem to be a beautiful site."


All the scriptures are written in a poetic format in 'Braj' language. These scriptures are assets hiding the replicas of Lilas-(activities) of God where only imagination and meditation can realise.The founders wrote these couplets to offer their devotion to God, but now these are the only way to understand the meaning of life; its truth and to get away from worldly matters these scriptures have the power to enlighten our way towards devotion and peace of mind.