Cow Goddess Kamdhenu and Sri Krishna

Cows are the Divine Animals that are dearly loved by Sri Krishna. Hence are regarded as our mother. Kamdhenu Mata is the cow goddess in which 330 million kinds of Gods stay.

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Who is Kamdhenu Goddess?

  • Kamdhenu is the cow goddess in which 330 million kinds of Gods stay.Some other names of Goddess Kaamdhenu are Surabhi, Shaval, Aditi and Kamudh. She was one of the nine divine blessings which came out during the Samudra Manthan and was gifted to Rishi Vashisht. It is believed that during the reign of King Vishwamitra the whole land was cursed with drought. He went to Rishi Vashisht Ashram for the solution. On arriving in the sacred place King Vishvamitra observed that Rishi Vashisht had prayed to Kamdhenu Goddess for arranging the food for all the persons that came along with the king. In turn to his surprise he saw that Goddess Kamdhenu had blessed all of them with delicious variety of food and drinks. Greed arose in the king’s heart and he tried to take the Goddess Kamdhenu to his palace by force. To which Rishi Vashisht showed resistance and pleaded him that if he really wished to have Goddess Kamdhenu for himself he would have to become a saint by heart and soul. Kamdhenu Goddess has two daughters known as ‘Nandni’ and ‘Patti’. Both were great worshipers of Lord Shiva. The place where ‘Patti’ worshipped Lord Shiva and attained salvation is known as ‘Pattishwar’ in Southern India. It is said that the river named after ‘Nandni’ use to flow with milk before the era of Kalyuga, which henceforth turned into water.

    Kamdhenu Godess
  • Kamdhenu and Krishna- ‘Govinda’ and festival of 'Gopashtami':

  • Sri Krishna from His childhood has been always cherished by cows. After the episode of ‘Goverdhan Dharan’ Lord Indra came to Sri Krishna for mercy for his wrong deeds. You are the Lord of Trinity and savior of every creature, Today I am very honored in having you as my protector and savior. Lord Indra is just the chief of his kingdom, I believe you to be the Indra of our domain. Hence please become the Lord and savior of the Cows, Sages, Chief Gods and Saints. Thus we all cows idolizing Brahma will perform your Abhisheka ritual to honor you with throne of our Indra.’ It is then that Kamdhenu Goddess and Lord Indra with his elephant Aeravat performed the Abhisheka. They honored Sri Krishna with the name of ‘Govinda’. Every soul danced with joy, the whole land was filled with blossoms of flora and fauna.

  • Gopashtami:

    On the eigth day of kartik shukla paksh is celebrated as 'Gopashatami'.Sri Radhvallabh is dressed as 'gwala' or the cowhered boy .Adorened with flower and golden jewelry,the attire has yellow shades in combination of various other shades .The sandal paste applied to god in magnificent style along with a staff cmmonly known as 'lakuti or chadd' .Some call Sri Krishna Thakurji or Govinda while chanting and sing his lilas devotees specially serve special offerings to the cows.On Gopashtami all the cows in the cowshed are decorated with sandal paste, haldi, ornaments, bells, garlands and embroidered clothes.

  • The Significance of Gosewa and Goshala:-

    Cows are the most sacred animal and offering them prayers can bless one all desires. Cows are worshipped as mother of all gods. Their cow dung known as 'Gobar' is use as substance to clean and purify unclean places and the urine known as 'Go-mutra' is used in ayurvedic medicines. The 'go-sewa' means taking care of cows and 'goshala' other name for cowsheds in vrindavan. In all Lord RadhaKrishna temples only cow's milk is used to make and offer white butter or 'Makhan', in making sweet porridges like 'rabri', 'kheer' and 'barfi'. It is believed one who takes care of cows or 'Go palan' is blessed by Sri Krishna's eternal abode known as 'Golokadhama'.

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