Explore Culture, legend and literature of Radhavallabh temple & the auspicious days and festivals of India.

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Radhavallabh Temple & Devotion!!!! Whats inside

  • Festival:

    It is the festival to celebrate the birth of Sri Krishna on this earth. He is holds this universe on His little finger and protects us from the evils. His birthday is celebrated all over the world at 12 midnight with great splendor and joy.

  • Heritage:

    Every temple follows a path, principles to worship the deity. This page describes the legacy and the routine through which Sri Radhavallabh is worshipped in Radhavallabh temple of Vrindavan.

  • Culture:

    Spiritualism is the path to achieve true bliss and peace in life. In today's materialistic world the need of meditation holds high importance in the lives of all human beings on this earth. Here we relate to the essentials of this fact.

  • Literature:

    Recite the exotic scriptures of Sri Radhavallabh temple which are written in the profound honor of Sri Radhakrishna by their cherubic devotees.

  • Calendar:

    The annual Hindu calendar followed by the temple to perform different festivals. Be a part of these celebration by knowing the days and dates.

  • Legend:

    ThThe historic appearance of the Radhavallabh temple of Vrindavan and its architectural beauty is well defined on this section.

  • Utsav gallery:

    This is the album of Sri Radhavallabh, the temple and the environment of the festival. Feel the beauty and learn more about the ecstasy through pictures for pictures reveal more than words.


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