Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra of Vrindavan

The Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra (i.e. 84 Kos. = 252 km) pilgrimage comprises Vrindavan, with its 12 vanas (forests), 24 upvanas (groves), the sacred hill Govardhan, the divine River Yamuna and numerous holy places along its banks, is undertaken annually by lakhs of devotees from faraway places.

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Significance of Braj Chaurāsi Kos Darshan Yātrā:-

  • Once Yadshoda Mata and Nandbaba expressed their desire to go on pilgrimage before their son Sri Krishna. To fulfill their beautiful desire Sri Krishna recalled all the sacred places to Vrindavan.
    Since then circumbulating these shrines is known as 'Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra' which releases us of all our sins, which ultimately helps to stop the cycle of birth and death(chaurasilakh yoni's) and in result help's one to attain salvation.
    An important incident in Srimad Bhagawat, during the Krishnaleela cantos of Lord Krishna leads to the origin of Braj Yatra. The countless pranks the Lord Krishna performed during his childhood, often used to confuse Lord Brahma. Lord Krishna often used to eat foods already half eaten by his sakhas(fellow cowherd boys).
    In order to test the fact that Lord Krishna was actually the incarnation of God, Brahmaji cast a spell which made the cows and cowherd friends of Krishna disappear and took them to BrahmaLoka. Lord Krishna the lord of trinities, understood the doing of Lord Brahama and to teach him a lesson Sri Krishna himself took the forms of His Sakha's and cows. Krishna continued to be in such forms for a year. Brahmaji realized his mistake and asked for forgiveness thus Lord Krishna advised him that only to get rid of his sins was by performing Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra. Brahmaji became the first to perform Braj Yatra and as a result he got released of his sins. This holy leela explains the importance and inspires devotees to perform Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra.

  • Yatra Specifications:

    1. Payments shall be made at least one month before the starting date.
    2. The hotel reservation will be provided for 9 days and 8 nights.(The venue of the hotel will be prior decided by the coordinator himself)
    3. The journey will commence from November/December (Date Not fixed yet).
    4. Every tourist must reach Vrindāvan two days prior to the start.
    5. On arrival every tourist is bound to carry his/her registration receipt.
    6. Once registered the token money will not be refunded.
    7. Each luxurious vehicle will carry 5 to 6 persons during the journey.
    8. Tour excludes personal expenditure like soft drinks, phone calls, tips etc.
    9. Tour excludes all kind of fares incurred on traveling back and forth from Vrindāvan to their hometowns.
    10. Any changes in the schedule of the journey the tourist will be informed on prior basis by the coordinator himself.

  • Yatra Faciliteis:

    Luxurious Yatra:
    1. The cost of this luxurious package is 21000/- Rs. or 400$-USD per person.
    2. Everyday cleaning rooms.
    3. Hot water for bath.
    4. The reservation will be provided for 9 days and 8 nights.
    5. Fully Air Conditioned Bedrooms Will be provided for 2 people.
    6. Strictly Pure Vegetarian bed tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner on the Menu.
    7. Comfortable and luxurious A.C. cars will be used while travelling for 5-6 people.
    8. Vivah Utsav, Chappan Bhog, Holi and other cultural programs will be organized for further spiritual entertainment.
    9. First Aid.
    10. Daily Night stay in Vrindavan.

  • Rules during Braj Yatra:

    1. During the journey all kind of precious valuables like Gold, Silver etc., if carried will be at your own risk.
    2. During the journey any tourist can organize a small festivity or distribute prasād by the help of the coordinator.
    3. For any facility problems the tourist should make contact with coordinator.
    4. Every tourist will be kindly requested to meditate Sriji’s name, for any gossip or abusive talk will be considered a sin.
    5. Every tourist will be informed of the departure and festival timings on prior basis.
    6. Punctuality and discipline will be highly appreciated.
    7. Every day meal schedules: Morning Tea with Tiffin Box. Lunch at a prior decided place. Dinner at a prior decided place.
    8. During the journey if any critical situation arises the coordinator has full rights to make changes.
    9. Violation of any rule, misconduct or any irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated.
    10. The tourist will be at once prohibited from continuing with the journey any further.
    11. Please carry warm woolen clothing in winter months of November to February.

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