Sri Radha Rani - The Supreme Goddess of Vrindavan

Sri Radha, also known as Vrishbhanu Nandini, was born to Sri Vrishbhanuji and Mata Kirti in the land of Barsana.

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The Enchanting Goddess Sri Radha:-

  • Sri Radha Rani - Sri Krishna's beloved:

  • The divine Goddess Sri Radha blessed this Earth by Her birth on the nuptial day of Ashtami of Bhadrapad Shukla Paksh. Sri Radha Rani marks the existence of Sri Krishna, for she is his soul. Sri Krishna (to whom the trinity bows) himself bows to Sri Radha’s feet where the trinity resides. Shri Radha’s beauty, power and aura create the ethics of love. None of the scriptures consists of the power to verbalize her beauty, for it is clear enough that when beauty of Sri Krishna makes several hearts leave their boundaries, her beauty is so mesmerizing that it makes Him loose consciousness. Then it is practical that a thousand Kamas and Ratis are just soil particles before her. Sri Radharani is sweeter than her beauty as she reins the world of love. Hence, one who chants her name before and along with Sri Krishna, for example- ‘Sri Radhakrishna’, is sure to reach Sri Krishna’s source full Bhakti. Usually we are told that Sri Radha rani was a Gopi who was most dear to Lord Krishna’s heart, but it is not true. In the world of Nikunj vrindavan, she is the empress of the world of Nikunj where Gopis and Sakhis serve her selflessly. Sri Radha rani is the soul of Radhavallabh Sampradaya. The reason and the inspiration of existence of Radhavallabh Sampradaya is the transcendental love filled bond of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna. The supreme existence of Sri Radha rani is believed to be the soul of Sri Krishna Himself. Sri Krishna, the trinity ruler, who himself is said to be most handsome, charming and unbelievably brave, bows to Shri Radha’s feet. This describes how magnificently exotic and pristine is the supreme power of Sri Radha.

  • Sri Radha rani and Nikunja:

  • The mystical world of nikunj is ruled by Sri Radha and to enter the corridors of Nikunj one has to be blessed by her. Sri Radha the symbol of pure love and the soul of Sri Krishna is very innocent and tender. But Sri Radha cannot be easily approached because her aura is too mysterious to be understood by one. The world of Nikunja is based on the transcendental love filled endeavors of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna. Holy land of Nikunja consists of four eternal parts which are: Sri Radha, Sri Krishna, Vrindavan and the Sakhis. The world of Nikunja is untouched by the worldly materialistic illusions and selfish desires. Its every part for e.g.: the trees, river, soil flowers, birds etc are nurtured and nourished by the transcendental pure selfless love filled devotion of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna.

    Radha Rani and Krishna in Sewa Kunja
    The Pastimes of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna in Nikunja
  • Sri Radha Rani and Sri Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu:

  • Sri Hith Harivansh is the incarnation of the flute of Sri Radhavallabh lalji and the founder of Radhavallabh Sampradaya. Sri Hith Harivansh has revealed to us the pure love and eternal endeavors of the divine world of Nikunj. Sri Hith Harivansh has narrated every form of Nikunj by personifying himself in four forms.

    1. Sri Hith Harivansh as disciple-He has marked Sri Radha as his Guru because he worshipped her with full dedication. It is then that Sri Radha came into his vision, gifting him with her secretive (mantra) chant and asked him to set up the Radhavallabh Sampradya in Vrindavan.

    2. Sri Hith Harivansh secondly as a flute-He is the incarnation of Sri Krishna’s flute, It is believed that once Sakhis asked Sri Radha that the power of selfless and pure devotion or Bhakti will reduce with time and evolution, therefore to be kind enough to provide a solution to it. Thus to maintain and make people understand the purity of transcendental love filled devotion Sri Radha blessed the Sakhis with Sri Krishna’s divine flute and said that, ‘It would be this flute that would take avatar on the earth in Kalyuga in form of Hith Sakhi - Sri Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu and teach them the meaningful importance of pure selfless devotion’. Thus Sri Hith Harivansh knows all the pure transcendental love filled feelings which Sri Krishna possesses for Sri Radha, the love which reveals that Sri Krishna and Sri Radha are ‘One soul and two divine forms’ (Ek Prana Do Deha) and the magnificence of her superiority.

    3. Thirdly Sri Hith Harivansh as a ‘Hith Sakhi’- ‘Hith’ stands for purity of love and the feeling of comfort for others, Sri Hith Sakhi is the head of all the Sakhis, she selflessly guides and acts according to the unsaid wishes of Sri Radhavallabh. She always stays beside Sri Radha even when she is resting or performing endeavors.

    4. Fourthly as the Aachaarya the Hith Guru who revealed the beauty and perfectionism of the world of Nikunja Vrindavan and the ‘Lilas’ endeavors of Sri Radhavallabh. He preached how one should devote oneself to Sri Radhavallabh, the significance of Ashtayama Seva and the vivid description and the superiority of Sri Radhavallabh in the scriptures written by him. He is the ideal of every perspective of selfless devotion and the founder of principles of cherubic devotion.
  • Sri Radha Rani and Sakhis:

  • Sri Radha Rani and Sakhis: Sri Radha as Sri Radhavallabh Lal (‘Eka Prana Do Deha’- One Soul Two Bodies), with eight Chief Sakhis (friends) along with infinite subordinate Sakhis who serve the holy couple Sri Radhavallabh Lal through their ‘Tatsukha Bhäva’- Selfless devotion immersed in pure love filled devotion and with Sakhi Sri Hith Sakhi –Sri Harivansh, Sri Yamunäji in form of a divine river.

  • Ashtasakhi of Radharani- Eight Sakhis of Radha:

  • Sri Rang Devi from Rankauli
    Sri Sudevi from Suhara
    Sri Lalita Sakhi from Unchaagaon
    Sri Vishakha Sakhi from Kamai
    Sri Champaklata Sakhi from Karhala
    Sri Chitra Sakhi from Chiksauli
    Sri Tungvidya Sakhi from Dabhara
    Sri Indulekha Sakhi from Aanjanaukh

    Sakhis enjoy the dancing of Sri Radha Krishna in Nikunja

    Dancing of Sri Radha Krishna

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