Basant Panchami Special- Saffron Sweet Rice 

Basant Panchami Special- Saffron Sweet Rice to serve as bhog to the lord. In basant yellow colour marks the arrival of spring.Thus lord adorns yellow colour clothes and is offered bhog of yellow colour dishes specially.It also used as bhog in Goddess Saraswati Pooja. Saffron Sweet Rice: Ingredients • 2 cups Rice Grains • 1 […]

Holi Special Recipe – ‘Thandai’ 

Holi Special Recipe – ‘Thandai’ Ingredients: Almonds- 20 gm. Blanched Melon Seeds- 10 gm. Soaked Poppy Seeds – 10 gm. Milk – 500 ml.

Basant Panchami Recipe-‘Mohan Thaal’ 

Basant Panchami Special Recipe-‘Mohan Thaal’ Ingredients: Besan[Gram flour]-2cups Sugar-1/2 cup Water-1 cup

Recipe for ‘Gad Ki Sabzi’ Annakoot (Goverdhan) bhog 

‘Gad Ki Sabzi’  for Annakoot (Goverdhan) bhog: Ingredients: 2 diced potatoes 5 to 10 diced beans 2 diced white radish 50gms yellow pumpkin 2 to3 green chillies 2 to 3 pointed gourd (parwals) 50gms brinjal 2 diced colocasia (arbis) 50gms peas 50gms sweet potatoes 50gms spinach 50gms ladyfinger 1 diced green capsicum(bell pepper) 1 pinch […]

Recipe for Gunjiya 

Recipe for Gunjiya For base: 300gms of finely milled flour (maida) 50gms Ghee(clarified butter) 50ml Water For mixture: 10gms of finely chopped Almonds 10gms of finely chopped pistachios 10gms of raisins 10gms of roasted melon seeds 1tsp cardamom 5 to 10 (kesar) saffron petals 250gms Mava (Khoya- granular condensed milk solid) 100gms powdered sugar(Bura) Method: […]

Recipe Of Barfi(Mithai). 

Recipe of Coconut Barfi Ingredients: Khoya – 50gms Desiccated Coconut – 25gms Castor Sugar – 25gms Ghee – A touch to grease the plate Kesar- Dissolve 2-3 leaves in 1tsp warm milk. Method: Grate Khoya, mash well. Put on slow fire in utensil, cook with constant stirring till soft and still very white. Add coconut powder, […]