Krishna turbans and its Beauty 

Turbans a multi coloured cloth wrapped round the head in styles according to occasions has got it’s sheen from divine itself. In Vrindavan young Lord Krishna marks the existence of the bond shared between Divine and Turban. In Shrimad Bhagwat purana whenever they explain Bal Gopal Sri Krishna use to take the cattle for grazing […]

Yellow colour importance Janmashtami 2017 

Why is yellow color always associated with Lord Krishna Janmashtami- in my opinion: Firstly in Shrimad Bhagwat it is mentioned in every description of divine Lord Krishna, the Yellow color pitambar is always described to be as bright as the rising sun. Secondly as we hear yellow it reminds of warmth, spring or brightness full […]

Lord Laddugopal’s or Sri Krishna’s Shringaar 

During this season the streets flock with people to buy Shringaar and dresses for Laddugopal or Lord Sri Krishna or Lord Sri Radhakrishna. Shringaar for Lord Laddugopal turban or crown with peacock feather inserts, tilak, earrings, chibuk, chokar or hasli, necklaces, waistband, armlets and bajuband or armband for hands, anklets for the charan or feet. […]

Krishna jhula significance 

Deity Shopping this Janmashtami

Krishna Jhulas or swing are especially important and the silver plated jhula or swing depicts this beauty very beautifully. It is believed the base of jhula is the body and the base where Lord resides is the soul. The four strings that are attached to base depict faith, truth, purity and prayers. The handle on […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes- 690 

Blue complexion, Mischievous antics and Tiny feet; Hands loaded with white butter look so sweet; Oceanic deep eyes with Feather tuck in style; Fragrant garlands, Lotus lips with breath-taking Smile; Jingling earrings, Dangling anklets in rhythmic beat; Its Sri Krishna’s beauty that ensures every Evil’s defeat; Blissful aura and Supreme divinity a beautiful alchemy; Sri […]

Janmashtami Special- Buy all your holy requirements Here! 

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