Tilika and Patravali’s Significance 


In our Holy Hindu rituals tilak has a special place before any pooja is performed. Tilak is put on head or you visit a temple in any holy place it signifies you just visited a holy place. A line of Chandan or roli or Kumkum moves from below to upwards on forehead has been descending […]

Krishna turbans and its Beauty 

Turbans a multi coloured cloth wrapped round the head in styles according to occasions has got it’s sheen from divine itself. In Vrindavan young Lord Krishna marks the existence of the bond shared between Divine and Turban. In Shrimad Bhagwat purana whenever they explain Bal Gopal Sri Krishna use to take the cattle for grazing […]

Yellow colour importance Janmashtami 2017 

Why is yellow color always associated with Lord Krishna Janmashtami- in my opinion: Firstly in Shrimad Bhagwat it is mentioned in every description of divine Lord Krishna, the Yellow color pitambar is always described to be as bright as the rising sun. Secondly as we hear yellow it reminds of warmth, spring or brightness full […]

Tulsi Plant significance 


Every herb, fauna and flora gifted to us by mother earth has its own significance and reason behind its existence. The auspicious herb Tulsi or Basil has proved its great importance in Hindu Mythology and scientifically. Tulsi is also called Brinda thus some saints call Vrindavan the ‘Groves of Tulsi’ and as Sri Krishna loves […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-902 

Destiny can’t be answered with only satisfaction, Destiny can’t be solved by only meditation, Destiny can’t be achieved by only motivation, Destiny can’t be spelt by worldly temptations, Destiny means morphing life into Sri Krishna’s realization. By #KhussmitaJain Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual Portal

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-901 

Uttering words before Divine was easy But its meaning invokes determination, Joining hands before Divine was easy But control on thoughts invoke meditation, Bowing head before Divine was easy, But surrendering invokes self-realization, Selfless Devotion sounds to be very easy, But seeking Sri Krishna kills all worldly temptations. By #KhussmitaJain Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual […]

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