Radha Krishna bhakti-A shloka from Rasik Naamavali 

‘Ek Ahamta Mamta Ati Dukh Daayi Yeh Jou Shriji Ki Oour Lagey Toh Hoth Ati Sukh Daayi’ One will always be in clouds of sorrows till his heart yearns for desires but the day he really meets the world of Bhakti,his life is directed to the path of blessing. -Rasik Naamavali by Shri Hith Chandralalji […]

Literacy not a hindarance in bhakti 

Literacy or Illiteracy make no dfifference when it comes to belief and wish to achieve the almighty. I had been to Vrindavan last week,and was startled¬†to meet a person who although being an illiterate had been reciting the Radha Sudha Nidhi shlokas so fluently with complete passion for God.The 270 Sanskrit Shlokas of this scripture […]