Radha Krishna Khichadi Utsav at Radhavallabh Temple

During winters a special festival of Khichadi is celebrated .Lord Shri Radhavallabh is adorned with exclusive and different types of attire.Sometimes Radha Krishna are disguised as Lord Shiva and sometimes like Lord Bankey Bihari.Characters disguised vary but are generally associate to Krishna Braj Lilas .This festival signifies the relation of God’s Avataars …

Supreme Power..

Shri Radha is the supreme power,Tri Lok bows itself to Her Feet As Almighty Krishna Himself Admires RadhaRani. ‘Do Pran Ek Deh’ An Ancient Saying Explains it all,Shri Radhavallabh Lal’s Yugal Darshan comprises RadhaRani On the left and Shri Krishna on the Right ‘The Ardhang Darshan’.Look Here For More Referance