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Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-722

‘L’ says She blesses Luck, ‘A’ says She blesses abundance, ‘K’ says She blesses kindness, ‘S’ says She blesses serenity, ‘H’ says She blesses happiness, ‘M’ says She blesses mercy, ‘I’ says She blesses inspirations, Maa Lakshmi the Maya of ‘Sri Krishna’- worshipped by trinities above, Just ignite flame of devotion in ‘His lotus feet’- [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-723

‘D’ means become determined in life, ‘E’ means bring elegance in actions, ‘E’ again means embrace all pain of others, ‘P’ means awake patience in trouble, ‘V’ means vanish all cluttered thoughts, ‘A’ means gift affection to everyone, ‘L’ means love Sri Krishna selflessly, ‘I’ means ignite the flame of devotion, Beautiful word ‘Deepavali’ brings [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-721

‘Pain’ said- He forgot about you, But ‘Trust’ said- He remembers you; ‘Problems’ said- He won’t come for you, But ‘Trust’ said- He will protect you; ‘Enemies’ said- There is Nobody who stands by you, But ‘Trust’ said- If ‘I’ exists then Sri Krishna is always there with ‘You’. By #NidhiJain Editor of Radha Krishna [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-720

Chirping bird lonely yearns for companion; Moved and jumped proving itself champion; Achieved happy family, Built beautiful home; Merrily feasted in meadows, Flew in skies dome; Time struck arrow of pain, Shattered all dreams; Perished was home, Moaning death made it lean, Saint appeared as saviour whispered, ‘Everything in world dies’, Surrendering to supreme Sri [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-719

When world seized its doors on us, Sri Krishna opened His doors for us, When people forgot about us, Sri Krishna remembered us, When pain crafted its shadow on us, Sri Krishna placed Hus shield to protect us, When materialistic love depressed us, Sri Krishna’s love rejuvenated us, When paths became vague in life for [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-718

We cannot resurrect the drops fallen in ocean, We cannot relive memories with present emotions, We cannot resurrect flowers once withered, We cannot recreate relations once dithered, But Sri Krishna resurrects fallen souls freeing them from cycle of time, We can surrender to Him and open doors to light before Life sublimes. By #NidhiJain Editor [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-716

Running streams with melodious falls, -seem to be chanting Sri RadhaKrishna; Moving dust with gusting breeze, -seems to dance in honour of Sri RadhaKrishna; Pouring drops with trickling dews, -seem to depict love of Sri RadhaKrishna; Blooming flowers with buzzing bees, -seem to depict beauty of Sri RadhaKrishna; Glowing oil lamp with flickering flames, -seems [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-715

Swaying trees, Bowing creepers have adorned blooms, Chirping birds, Dancing peacocks have adorned new plumes, Undulating waves, Clear streams, Pouring rain adorn new drops, Blushing bushes and Vast meadows have adorn new crops, Mountain peaks have turned golden bathing in sun rays, Prayers and trust in hearts of devotees grow night and day, ‘Vrindavan’ abode [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-714

‘D’ depicts Her supreme power of slaying Demons curse, ‘U’ depicts Her exotic power of blessing love in Universe, ‘R’ depicts Her forgiving power of Rejuvenating darkened souls, ‘G’ depicts Her merciful power of Granting diamonds out of coals, ‘A’ depicts Her never ending power of showering Affection, Word ‘DURGA’ depicts the Shakti residing in [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-713

In Kaliyuga, We may have not seen Sri Krishna – but Epics personify His brilliance; In Kaliyuga, We may have not heard Sri Krishna – but Saints depict Him in their experience; In Kaliyuga, We may have not felt Sri Krishna – but magic of Nature define His excellence; In Kaliyuga, We may have not [...]