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Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-803

Drops of tears- reveal words hidden in painful sigh, Drops of love- can make suffering of hate bid good bye, Drops of devotion- can bud flowers in hearts barren and dry, Drops of success- can help forget struggles that made us cry, Drops of hope- can fill glint of smiles in thousand eyes, Drops of […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-802

In world we were born in crowds but become lonely with time, But in devotion we start alone and vacuum of heart sublimes, In world we are appreciated and loved on achieving heights, But in devotion we start in dark and drench with love’s light, In world we are welcomed with roses and left with […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-801

Heart asked trees- Have they felt His presence, They whispered- In rays of dawn that embraces them, Heart asked leaves- Have they felt His presence, They whispered- In drops of dews that slides on them, Heart asked flowers- Have they felt His presence, They whispered- In touch of breeze that cradles them, Heart asked streams- […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-800

Trust – like rose blooms amidst thorns, Trust – like revolution between norms, Trust – that grows in every harsh storm, Trust – that outshines in every wrong, Trust – like hope changes dark to dawn, Trust for Sri Krishna- never dies once born. By #NidhiJain Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual Portal

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-799

World gifts tears – He wipes them; World gifts fears- He banishes them; World gifts wounds- He heals them; World gifts loneliness- He befriends them; World gifts nothing but pain to our soul from birth till death; Shri Krishna grants soul true bliss- thus surrender every breath. By #NidhiJain Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual Portal […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-798

When life felt lonely and grim, Heart said look up to Him, When path of life seemed dim, Heart said believe in Him, When pain was thick and hope was thin, Heart said He’s testing our rhythm, When peace and content filled within, Heart looked at Sri Krishna and said it was Him. By #NidhiJain […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-797

Summers made lands burn in scorching heat; But Vrindavan give’s Parikrama on Shri Krishna’s beat; Rains made flooding puddles- drenched every street; But swings of Vrindavan make it a melodious retreat; Winter engulfed shivering mist, slumber and still; But warmth of Vrindavan’s festivities make it thrill; Spring created new hues with opportunities of hope; But […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-796

Hidden in dust we found many histories, Many rulers, kingdoms and their rivalries, Sagas of relations that met departed into tragedies, Many left smiles morphing errors into comedies, But far gleams an Epic sparkling the saga of reality, Questions in mind- asked for life’s true ability, Shrimad Bhagwat describes life’s true authority, True answer lies […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes- 795

If we become weak with illness, He blessed strength for motivation, If our hardships made us depress, He blessed calmness for rejuvenation, If we were cornered with our fears, He blessed courage for inspiration, If we only thought life lives in tears, Sri Krishna appeared before as devotion. By #NidhiJain Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-795

When eyes become book of hearts depiction; When speech becomes silent and beyond narration; When ears become deaf to worldly thoughts yet listen; When tasks become neutral and emotions glisten; Devotional flame glows- dispels darkness of Maya’s mist; We find love for Sri Krishna in this mystical twist. By #NidhiJain Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual […]