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Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-747

Body could be named but not the soul, Body suffers injuries but not the soul, Body needs identity but not the soul, Body ages with time but not the soul, Death kills the body but not the soul, Srimad Gita says word ‘I’ exists till Maya controls, Sri Krishna creates and destroys truth in whole, […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-746

Every dawn sun rises in the hope to hear selfless bells ring, Mooing cows, devotees giving Parikrama and birds busy chirping, Peaceful smiles with chanting beads- seem to appear so unbothered, Philosophical and focused as- Their book of fate has found its author, Streets narrate His Lila’s and Temples mysteries of His appearance, Vrindavan’s magical […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-745

Smiles came for seconds- but Pain lived for hours, Smiles became memories- but Pain spun life sour, Smiles very few to count- but Pain countless tower, Smiles showed conclusions- but Pain evoked inner power, Saints advise don’t fall for these emotions but stay still, As oceans are unhurt by pebbles and unmoved by hills, Just […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-744

Reflection of heart talks about our nature; Reflection of deeds talk about our behaviour; Reflection of fate talks about our ambitions; Reflection of relations talk about our emotions; Reflection of body talks about our beauty; Reflection of Devotion talks about our serenity; In Root of each Reflection lies the source of true Nirvana; Bliss touches […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-743

Sri Krishna, Your devotees are uniquely blessed- It’s true; They enjoy Pain- and say it helps remember You; They love all- and say they search You in disguise; They distaste luxuries- and say they follow Your advice; They face hardships- and say You stand by their side; They never forget to smile- saying fate is […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-742

Where dancing on dust becomes holistic Parikrama; Where service hides in making Garlands filled with aroma; Where peace dances in smiles and Chanting Krishna Lila; Where Dawn begins with Bells and Twilight on bank of Yamuna; This ecstatic beauty of Vrindavan heals every soul of trauma; Love resides in its incense and its heart in […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-741

When darkness encroached in life- You rouse as Sun to brighten focus, When relations deserted in life- You befriended as Gita to motivate us, When pain clasped in life- You narrated Shrimad Bhagwat to awaken us, When desires, lust, pleasure lured in life- You appeared as Saints to guide us, When path of devotion got […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-740

We never realized when need became greed; We never realized what we admire became desire; We never realized when our ability became vanity; We never realized when petty discussions lead to fury; Saints advised a cure- ‘Sri Krishna’s Mantra chant all day’; Patience will rise pushing selfish emotions at bay; Heart will heal of these […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-739

Sri Krishna’s beauty made us forget all tears, Sri Krishna’s powers made us forget all fears, Sri Krishna’s smile made us forget all rage, Sri Krishna’s Lilas preach not to become worldly page, Sri Krishna’s name twinkles in heart of every relation, Sri Krishna’s mercy showed patience hidden in emotion, Sri Krishna’s blessing taught us […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-738

Walking in the corridors of darken mist; Stress chases in every road’s twist; One gets aged searching for life’s gist; We are slaves of the One ticking on wrist; A devotional boon resolved every nerve’s drift; Sri Krishna’s Srimad Bhagwad a beautiful gift; All emotions become calm and pure in a swift; When the transcendental […]