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Radha Krishna Daily Quotes- 695

He resolves complex situations with just one sermon, He purifies every soul by just banishing heart’s inner demon, Do we really know Him the adorable and cute who steals heart, Or the supreme, mystical and magical Who knows the end to start, Saints say- ‘He creates, lives and destroy everything big to small’, Vrindavan says- [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-693

On road of Devotion- Life so full of mysterious turns and silence, When balancing past and future become a complicated science, Then Patience and Humility facet on us the mark of brilliance, When Pain and Hardships we suffer leave a great influence, Then Peace and Harmony create a mystically pure ambience, Oh Krishna! Bless us [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-692

Nobody from us can axe emotions from pouring eyes, Nobody from us can stick fallen leaves of inner beauty ties, Nobody from us can bloom buds of hope that wither last, Nobody from us can amend broken hearts from the past, Nobody from us can rise without witnessing a grave fall, But Somebody has the [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-691

Tears so fragile- Tend to appear on any reason; Tears so free- Ready to flow in any season; Tears so tiny- Yet weigh heavy with emotion; Tears so clear- Bring out heart’s commotion; Tears so honest- Equally share joy and confession; Tears so pure- Flow with transcendental feelings of devotion; Sri Krishna ascertains soul’s beauty- [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes- 690

Blue complexion, Mischievous antics and Tiny feet; Hands loaded with white butter look so sweet; Oceanic deep eyes with Feather tuck in style; Fragrant garlands, Lotus lips with breath-taking Smile; Jingling earrings, Dangling anklets in rhythmic beat; Its Sri Krishna’s beauty that ensures every Evil’s defeat; Blissful aura and Supreme divinity a beautiful alchemy; Sri [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quote-689

Sri Krishna bless us freedom from desires, -To taste Your love as our eyes admire, Sri Krishna bless us freedom from rage, -To taste Your love by meditation beyond age, Sri Krishna bless us freedom from lust, -To taste Your love by touching Vrindavan’s dust, Sri Krishna bless us freedom from pleasure, -To taste Your [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quote-688

Hindi Version of today’s Quote- श्री कृष्ण हमें इच्छाओं से आजादी का आशीर्वाद दे, -अपने प्यार के रूप में हमारी आँखों के स्वाद के लिए, श्री कृष्ण हमें क्रोध से मुक्ति का आशीर्वाद दे, -आयु से परे ध्यान द्वारा आपके प्यार के स्वाद के लिए, श्री कृष्ण हमें वासना से मुक्ति का आशीर्वाद दे, -वृंदावन [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-687

When thorns surround life-You bloom like Sri Narayan so bright; When darkness clouds life-You strike like Sri Rama as sunlight; When tears drown us in life-You come like Sri Hari on Garuda’s flight; When fear mocks life-You roar like Sri Narasimha vanishing fright; When pain burdens life-You appear like Sri Krishna to heart’s delight; When [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-686

Barren branches always welcome new buds- Without regretting its lonely past; Budding flowers always smile- Without regretting they bloomed first or last; Heaven embraces all seasons- Without regretting their delay or coming fast; ‘Nature’ the mirror of Sri Krishna’s mercy- Loves us equally irrespective of creed or caste. #NidhiJain Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual Portal [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-685

Does bliss reside in rays of rising sun bathing mountain peaks- Does bliss reside in sparkling dews in rainbow streaks- Does bliss reside in calls of waterfalls white as fleece- Does bliss reside in ringing bells of temples at peace- Does bliss reside in sermons, Vedas or ritual treats- Does bliss reside in relaxing, meditating [...]