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Suraj vishwakarma: I love song

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Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-680

Entering gates of Wealth- Pleasures befriended and stress became foe, Entering gates of Success- Pride befriended and jealousy became foe, Entering gates of Worldly Love- Desires befriended and hatred became foe, Entering gates of Devotion- Peace befriended and fears became foe, Entering gates of Sri Krishna’s abode- Bliss befriended and vanished all worldly foes. By [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-679

Dawn of Raindrops so small- Turning trees into green and tall, Sliding on leaf like dews- They bid idle summers adieu, Swings bejewelled with garlands- Bliss conquers grasslands, Vrindavan’s every motion- Drenched in fragrance of devotion, Sri RadhaKrishna’s swing moves to and fro- Making emotions glow, Blessings shower from above- Filling the hearts with selfless [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-678

Good deeds leads to path of humanity, But beware yourself from claws of vanity, Chanting and penance leads to sagacity, But be careful from the emotion of worldly affinity; Meditation and sermons can show Maya’s true identity, But don’t get yourself bit by snake of authority, Selfless love for Sri Krishna leads to peaceful infinity, [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-677

Your sparkling smile- Makes us pause for a while, Your deep oceanic eyes- Heals our painful cries, Your merciful hands- Converts our fears to sand, Your powerful lotus feet- Ensures our enemy’s defeat, Sri Krishna! Your supremacy- Even Vedas can’t explain this ecstasy. #NidhiJain -Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual Portal

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-676

Brain was not to made take stress- But to think with what we are bless, Eyes were not made to shed tears- But to look beyond our fears, Heart was not meant to carry pain- But to experience the devotional lane, Body was not made to fall ill- But to purify it with humanity’s pill, [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-675

Paths may have changed today- Yet Groves yearn for Lilas of Sri Krishna, River’s course may have changed today- Yet Sri Yamuna yearns to see Sri Krishna, Forests may have changed today- Yet Birds yearn to hear flute of Sri Krishna, Meadows may have changed today- Yet Cows yearn to offer milk to Sri Krishna, [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-674

We read epics- Yet Maya blurred our eyes, We heard hymns- Yet anger reigned our cries, We recited prayers- Yet desire reigned our heart, We chanted mantras- Yet pain comes when one departs, We went through penance- Yet fears reign our thoughts, We asked Sri Guru- How to end these worldly knots, “In road of [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-673

Death asked us- Why are we afraid of conclusions, Pain asked us- Why are we afraid of revolutions, Hardships asked us- Why are afraid of motivation, Loneliness asked us- Why are we afraid of rejuvenation, We asked Sri Guru-Why fears don’t let us think beyond illusions- ‘Surrendering your fears to Sri Krishna- The Perfect Solution’. [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-672

Lotuses rise and take birth in ponds of mud; Amidst thorns beautiful roses get bud; Diamonds are found where coals dwell; Pearls are formed in darkness of Oyster’s shell; Every beauty meets perfection in hardships; Like the brave warriors outshine in battleships; Similarly Devotion flowers in thick clouds of pain; Selfless love blooms when Sri [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-671

We took steps to face fears- You blessed courage on us, We took steps to be humble- You blessed success on us, We took steps to respect others- You bestowed blessings on us, We took steps to fight pain- You flowered patience in us, We took steps to believe ourselves- You lit inspiration in us, [...]