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Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-635

How can you see His supremacy-When eyes are coated with lust; How can you hear His legacy-When ears are shut in pride’s crust; How can you feel His mercy-When body is soaked with distrust; How can you taste His nectar-When lips are taint in gossip’s rust; Oh Sri Krishna bless us with magical devotion- Which [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-634

Soul caged in this painful materialistic body’s envelope, Seeking fame and success we fumble with our horoscope, Yet stress and fears weigh heavier than our hopes, Sri Guru says- “Real Truth cant be seen through any telescope”, Bind you heart with Sri Krishna’s devotional rope, Blessings will open the gates to His dome you wish [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-633

As the Temple bells start ringing; Lips start uttering, Throat starts singing; Eyes start smiling, Winds start whistling; Legs start jumping, Hands start clapping; Hearts start dancing, Tensions start melting; Our senses just touched the magic of Chanting; Sri Radha Krishna’s name is so rejuvenating. -Nidhi Jain Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual Portal

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-632

Eyes that promise- ‘I am there for you’, Smile that promises- ‘I am aware of you’, Hands that promise- ‘I am there to protect you’, Feet that promise- ‘I will always stay with you’, Love that promises-‘ I will always care for you’, Oh Sri Krishna! Wish we always remember you. -Nidhi Jain, Editor of [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-631

Oceanic complexion with deep glowing effulgence, Sharp eyes, blissful smiles full of mischief and innocence, Yellow vibrant Pitamabar delicate and warm in appearance, Aromatic flowers and jewels shimmer in His radiance, Oh Sri Krishna! Showering blessings on us in abundance- Your merciful beauty gleams in Nature’s every resonance. -Nidhi Jain Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes- 630

Deep innocent eyes which love to steal devotee’s pain, Pink mystical smile which love to seize the tears that rain, Sweet fragrant aura which loves to free souls from worldly chain, Adorable pastimes which befriend us on truth’s lonely lane, Magical Sri Krishna chanting Your name never goes in vain.

-Nidhi Jain Editor of Radha [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-629

One blow can extinguish the stillness of Flame; One mistake can change the result of life’s Game; One wave can distract the slumber of Ocean; One stress can flood this mind with Emotion; One doubt can weaken the beauty of Devotion; But one drop of Love for Sri Krishna resolves life’s Equation. -Editor of Radha [...]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-628

Infinity of Horizons can’t define His mercy; Depth of Oceans can’t define His legacy; Extent of Universe can’t define His supremacy; Together the Trinity can’t change His prophecy; But true Love and Devotion in every breath’s frequency- Can define Sri Krishna’s Power without the use of philosophy. -Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual Portal

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-627

This World a golden cage with magical ambience, Clutter of tensions morphed with sweet fragrance, Born in cradle of materialistic relations sublime like effervescence, Walking lonely in pain realised Sri Krishna’s devotional resonance, Peace embraced our soul when we felt Sri Krishna’s presence. -Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual Portal

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-626

From ocean to skies He created variation Blues, Blues of painful drops healed by His complexion hue, From grass to forest He created variations of Green, Greens of peace dancing in Vrindavan unseen, From fire to sun He created variations of Carmine, Carmine of love blooming from His smile’s shine, From emotion to devotion He [...]