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gopal varshney: Vinod ji all song my fevrets

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Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-790

Buds and chirps have appeared in barren branches, On brimming brooks rays of sun like glitter dances, Echoing chants in streets and cows busy brunches, Vibrant hues began to shine where one glances, Floral garlands, yellow alters have embraced Sri RadhaKrishna, Warmth of devotional spring shines in Vrindavan’s arena. By #NidhiJain Editor of Radha Krishna […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-789

We urge to be remembered by someone near; We urge to be befriended by someone dear; We urge to be helped by someone we love; We urge to be guided by some elderly above; When all urges perish and selflessness engulfs the souls; Shri Krishna’s mercy showers and He fulfills all the above roles. By […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-788

When tears seem like a gift of Shri Krishna; When loneliness becomes a company of Shri Krishna; When silence becomes a musical treat by Shri Krishna; When body dances and heart thrills to the chants of Shri Krishna; Beautiful emotion of Devotion rises as every breathe seeks Shri Krishna. By #NidhiJain Editor of Radha Krishna […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-787

He played like simple cowherd boy in streets of Vrindavan, Whereas He could create and destroy world on a summon, He ate, shared, stole butter and gave demons defeat, Though all universal wealth serves with smile in His feet , He forgave enemies and mesmerised all hearts vicinities, Though He could create and kill in […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-786

Vrindavan rises with bells that ring for Sri RadhaKrishna; Vrindavan’s every service begins in praise of Sri RadhaKrishna; Vrindavan’s dawn echoes with chants of Sri RadhaKrishna; Vrindavan breathes every moment about Lilas of Sri RadhaKrishna; Vrindavan grooves and decorates itself to serve Sri RadhaKrishna; Vrindavan’s lushes dance and sing to melodies of Sri RadhaKrishna; Vrindavan […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-785

Every devotional step descends to Sri Krishna; Every painful pit of misery ascends to Sri Krishna; Every offering of Love increases longing for Sri Krishna; Every selfless service decreases course to reach Sri Krishna; Every problem razes and mercy is showered by Sri Krishna; Every hand when raises in joy of chanting Sri Krishna. By […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-784

Gopis never thought of materialism- As they said ‘Sri Krishna is mine’; Sudama never bothered of poverty- As he knew ‘Sri Krishna will make everything fine’; Cowherd boys never dreaded demons- As they were sure ‘Shri Krishna will dispel them like sunshine’; Vrindavan withstood Indra’s rage- As they believed ‘Shri Krishna was their true Divine’; […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes -783

Eyes have seen evergreen trees, waterfalls and rainbows, Eyes have seen barren lands, swamps and exploding volcanoes, Eyes have seen pleasure, treasure, lust and celebrations, Eyes have seen poverty, puny, sick and dying emotions, Time can change poor to riches and sadness to smiles, A power manipulates needle’s of seconds, days and miles, It’s Sri […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes- 782

We travelled in crowds yet heart felt lonely, We travelled with lavish start but end was only, We travelled with society but heart earned tensions, We travelled with devotees and heart earned devotion, We are travellers, life train and world just a dreamful junction, Collect ticket of Krishna’s blessings it works even after life dysfunctions. […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-781

Devotees say admiring Sri Krishna’s beauty, Seems like a cake’s icing embracing the heart’s vicinity, Devotees say listening to Sri Krishna’s Lila and epics, Seems like marsh mellow dissolving life’s painful topics, Devotees say chanting Sri Krishna’s magical name, Seems like decorating tarts with devotional domain, Devotees say surrender to Sri Krishna- all smiles and […]