A Thrilling Moment of Vrindavan – By Shri P.V.Kailashnathan 

While performing Vrindavan parikrama for the first time , I was thrilled and excited to be at the Braj Bhumi and exclaimed to my guide that ” Just think that this is the place where Lord Krishna and Radha rani had spent their childhood” . Pat came the angry and irritated reply ” You used […]

Goverdhan Annakoot Festival and Parikrama 

Annakoot(Goverdhan) is a auspicious festival, This day chappan bhog is offered to Shri Radhavallabh. The legend behind this festival is that when the people of Vrindavan use to perform yajna and made holy offerings to please Lord Indra for prosperous rain and crop, Sri Krishna recommended them to offer prayers to holy hill Goverdhan instead as it […]

Parikrama Of Vrindavan 

‘Parikrama’ means to walk a distance around an auspicious place, which when started  at a specific point  has to be ended on the same i.e. in form of a circle’s circumference. Parikrama is a medium where one can feel the presence of the almighty within and in those surrounding him; by means of Jap,Tap and […]