Radha Krishna Daily Quotes- 894 

Life began in lonely imagination but lost in race, Hardships made us liable but we lost are grace, Desires provoked our needs left nothing in place, Breaths are identity but once lost leaves no trace, Devotion starts with tears but blesses evergreen solace. #NidhiJain Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual Portal

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes- 700 

Silence of pearls hidden in path of devotion, Dispersed in the breeze of worldly commotion, Nerves search for peace in chaos of emotions, Past fills guilt future fears with life’s motion, But chanting name of supreme sparks revolution, Surrendering to Sri Krishna blesses abode of serene evolution. By #NidhiJain, Editor Of Radha Krishna Spiritual Portal.

God listens to You. 

Life hides bundles of emotions. These emotions vary with every character but behave commonly in everyone’s life. If one writes down his or her emotional experience the world reads and relates to it. If one pours out his or her emotion with tears the world again relates to it. Thus why not pour out your […]

Belief the golden pillar of Strength in Life. 

When Life gets tough with harsh blows of suffering stormed with emotions; It seems to blur with every step we put forward and mind starts losing its control, then our heart should believe in and seek the shelter of Shri Radhavallabh Lal. When we get entangled in the dark web of mixed feelings and emotions, even […]

Bhakti is not isolation.. 

Bhakti does not mean isolation and chanting on the beads ,but one aspires to the path of bhakti when he trusts his feelings, is curious enough to solve the mystery of  What’s Good or Bad?Whether Life can Moulded into a blessing or curse differentiating among good or bad deeds.