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Potli Bags and Purses

Every festival from Holi to Diwali or occasions of Divines appearance like Janmashtmi, Radhashtami or any other auspicious Pooja we perform there are several rituals. In every ritual we require several things to dress our god or deities to the temple altar to make the occasion more grand and lovable, thus Radha Krishna Spiritual Store […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes- 805 

Can anyone give Sri Krishna’s clue, Saints say see Vrindavan’s Holi dews, Has anyone felt Sri Krishna’s love, Saints say see colours spreading above, Has anyone touched Sri Krishna’s holy feet, Saints say hues so bright give darkness defeat, Has anyone seen Sri RadhaKrishna Lila’s magic, Enjoy Holi in Vrindavan it answers beyond logic. Happy […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes- 804 

When burdened heart feels everything black, Saints say – Colours of truth your life lacks, Just add dash of meditation in life so white, Nerves will feel His presence dazzling bright, Just add dash of joyfulness in life so red, Devotional smiles around greet as it spreads, Just add dash of calmness in life so […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-803 

Drops of tears- reveal words hidden in painful sigh, Drops of love- can make suffering of hate bid good bye, Drops of devotion- can bud flowers in hearts barren and dry, Drops of success- can help forget struggles that made us cry, Drops of hope- can fill glint of smiles in thousand eyes, Drops of […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-626 

From ocean to skies He created variation Blues, Blues of painful drops healed by His complexion hue, From grass to forest He created variations of Green, Greens of peace dancing in Vrindavan unseen, From fire to sun He created variations of Carmine, Carmine of love blooming from His smile’s shine, From emotion to devotion He […]

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Buy 100% Pure Herbal Organic Festival/Holi Colors Online- Manufactured with 100% natural ingredients and dyes without any chemical used at any stage of production. It is non-toxic, skin friendly and completely natural. P.S.- Unfit for food, for external use only. 1. Its 100% Natural no chemical 2. Smooth , easily cleanable, floral extracts. 3. Extracts […]