Goverdhan Annakoot Festival and Parikrama 

Annakoot(Goverdhan) is a auspicious festival, This day chappan bhog is offered to Shri Radhavallabh. The legend behind this festival is that when the people of Vrindavan use to perform yajna and made holy offerings to please Lord Indra for prosperous rain and crop, Sri Krishna recommended them to offer prayers to holy hill Goverdhan instead as it […]

Recipe for ‘Gad Ki Sabzi’ Annakoot (Goverdhan) bhog 

‘Gad Ki Sabzi’  for Annakoot (Goverdhan) bhog: Ingredients: 2 diced potatoes 5 to 10 diced beans 2 diced white radish 50gms yellow pumpkin 2 to3 green chillies 2 to 3 pointed gourd (parwals) 50gms brinjal 2 diced colocasia (arbis) 50gms peas 50gms sweet potatoes 50gms spinach 50gms ladyfinger 1 diced green capsicum(bell pepper) 1 pinch […]