Tulsi Plant significance 


Every herb, fauna and flora gifted to us by mother earth has its own significance and reason behind its existence. The auspicious herb Tulsi or Basil has proved its great importance in Hindu Mythology and scientifically. Tulsi is also called Brinda thus some saints call Vrindavan the ‘Groves of Tulsi’ and as Sri Krishna loves […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-901 

Uttering words before Divine was easy But its meaning invokes determination, Joining hands before Divine was easy But control on thoughts invoke meditation, Bowing head before Divine was easy, But surrendering invokes self-realization, Selfless Devotion sounds to be very easy, But seeking Sri Krishna kills all worldly temptations. By #KhussmitaJain Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual […]

Krishna’s Retreat 

Born in closure of this body lives an en amorous power bestowed to us by divine. This power known to us is called ‘Soul’. Srimad Bhagwat Puran teaches us this soul is ‘Sri Krishna’ himself residing within us. We search for Sri Krishna here and there by means of worshiping and trust, but the day […]

New Arrivals of Deity Dresses and Shringaar this Navratri……. 

Jai Mata Di!! @ http://www.krishnastores.com/ !!!!!!! New Arrivals of Deity Dresses and Shringaar this Navratri……. For Small and Large Deities like Sri Ram Darbaar, Radha Krishna, Durga Mata, Laxmi Narayanji, Ganeshji, Hanumaanji, Jagannathji etc.

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-784 

Gopis never thought of materialism- As they said ‘Sri Krishna is mine’; Sudama never bothered of poverty- As he knew ‘Sri Krishna will make everything fine’; Cowherd boys never dreaded demons- As they were sure ‘Shri Krishna will dispel them like sunshine’; Vrindavan withstood Indra’s rage- As they believed ‘Shri Krishna was their true Divine’; […]

Radha Krishna Daily Quotes-631 

Oceanic complexion with deep glowing effulgence, Sharp eyes, blissful smiles full of mischief and innocence, Yellow vibrant Pitamabar delicate and warm in appearance, Aromatic flowers and jewels shimmer in His radiance, Oh Sri Krishna! Showering blessings on us in abundance- Your merciful beauty gleams in Nature’s every resonance. -Nidhi Jain Editor of Radha Krishna Spiritual […]

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