April 2009
Radha Krishna Portal's Ezine Vol #1
Ekadashi Special
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Three Gunas of Human Soul
Saatvik Guna
Radha Krishna’s pure selfless love.
Gulab Dol Special Aarti

Held once in a year on this festival Radhavallabhji adorns rose pink coloured attireresides in a unique dol (swing) decorated with aromatic roses for this special ekadashi.

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Featured Reading- The Three Gunas of Human Soul
A human soul is a blend of duty, faith, morals and divinity. The duties that one commits in his life are measured by qualities, otherwise known as Gunas. There are three types of Gunas “Saatvik”, “Rajas”, “Taamas”.Read More

Saatvik Guna

The “Saatvik” believe in a simple and spiritual lifestyle, of that comprising the bare necessities with no hint of greed for flaunting luxuries. Read the rest of this entry »
Radha Krishna’s pure selfless love.

Sri Radha and Sri Krishna reside in the holy lushes of vrindavana along with sakhis. Sri Radhaji is the eternal everlasting beauty and the trinity divine is Sri Krishna. Read the rest of this entry »

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