Parikrama Of Vrindavan

Parikrama’ means to walk a distance around an auspicious place, which when started  at a specific point  has to be ended on the same i.e. in form of a circle’s circumference. Parikrama is a medium where one can feel the presence of the almighty within and in those surrounding him; by means of Jap,Tap and Vrat as these three combine to form Parikrama i.e. one chants the mantras(Jap)within,one is using his body power(Tap)to accomplish  Parikrama , one does not eat anything(Vrat) till he has finished the Parikrama . For eg:  Akshaya Navmi  is the  most famous and auspicious festival when people from far and wide come to Vrindavan to perform ‘Parikrama’.


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